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The Raelian Movement

Rael: Racing Car Driver

Rael RacingOne of Rael's other talents and passions, since the age of 9, was car racing. In order to access all the newly released cars, he became a sports-car journalist. He founded his own car racing magazine, Auto Pop, which became number 1 French racing-car magazine and allowed him to race cars that were lent to him. He graduated from the famous Winfield race school in Magny Cours, France, which revealed champions such as Alain Prost. To everyone's surprise, at his first ever race on the Albi track in France he got the pole position amongst very experienced and famous drivers. He soon became known in the pack for his first lap talent, sometimes over-taking as many as 7 cars in the first lap!

On December 13, 1973, his life dramatically changed when he met one of the scientists who created us and was forced to abandon that passion. However, in 1994, some 20 years after his famous encounter, at the request of many Raelians who wanted to see him racing, Rael accepted to take the wheel of a professional sports car once again and participate in internationally renowned competitions. Sponsored in part by the first interpretation center of the UFO phenomena in the world, UFOland, Rael followed his passion while still promoting the messages given to him by our creators.

With co-pilots as varied as Le Mans winner Jean Claude Andruet, Depailler etc... and by racing on the most prestigious tracks around the world like Monza Italy, Spa Belgium, Daytona USA, Montreal Canada, Suzuka Japan and many others, Rael's reputation as an elite pilot is now well established. Obviously, Rael is the fastest spiritual leader in the world!

Today, Rael is retired from professional racing, but still enjoys playing racing simulation games online in his spare time, especially Live for Speed where he races under the nick name of rael01 and is one of the best of the world players.

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