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The Raelian Movement

Rael: Singer/Songwriter

His first record in 1965
Rael was born Claude Vorilhon on September 30, 1946 in Vichy, France, and was raised in Ambert by his aunt and grandmother. Impassioned by poetry, singing, and songwriting, Rael left home at the age of fifteen and went to Paris where he performed as a singer under the pseudonym Claude Celler. As a great admirer of Jacques Brel, he sang in all the Paris Cabarets where the belgium star performed at the beginning of his career, especially L Echelle de Jacob. He became quite popular with the song Le Miel et la cannelle (Honey and cinnamon) and released 5 records between 1966 and 1971, after having been offered a contract with Disc AZ CEO by Lucien Morisse, ex-husband of the French star Dalida:

  • Sacrée sale gueule (His first record in 1965).
  • Dans un verre de vin
  • Le Miel et la cannelle (Honey and cinnamon) (1966)
  • Madam' Pipi (Mrs. Toilet attendant) (1966)
  • Monsieur votre femme me trompe (Mister, your wife is cheating on me) (1966)
  • Quand on se mariera (When we'll get married) (1966)
  • Mon amour Patricia (My love Patricia). (1971)

After becoming RAEL, he used his singing and songwriting talents, to our great pleasure, to enhance the values and precepts of the Raelian Philosophy such as free love, non-violence, love of differences, etc.

Rael has written over 200 songs. You can watch him sing some of them here. Some of them may be downloaded in mp3 format using the links below.

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